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Rosé wine

Bell Cros outside of Marça, close to the small town of Falset in DO Montsant is a vineyard that is growing. Acquisitions of neighbouring vineyards have increased the size of Bell Cros to over 25 hectares, with 16 hectares of grapevines that will produce some 50,000 bottles a year. The vineyard and the winery are officially EU-organic certified. From vintage 2023 onwards all Bell Cros wines will carry the EU-organic logo, the green leaf. The wines are Vegan certified as well.

L’Amic / 2023

L’Amic, Friend. The best way to drink and enjoy this rosé wine is with friends, old and new, comfortably seated in tranquil surroundings or in a busy vibrant place watching people passing by. Put the wine in an ice bucket, take your time, sip and enjoy.

TYPE OF WINE Rosé wine
GRAPES Handpicked; 100% Garnacha Negra
AVERAGE AGE OF VINES 29 to 70 years
TASTING NOTES Pink crystalline salmon color. Aromatically fresh with citrus, orange grapefruit and red fruit notes, such as strawberry, and with aniseed nuances. On the palate the wine is fresh and allows you to enjoy its nuances for a long time.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS Fish, seafood, white meat, salads (w/o vinegar), pasta, rice. Serve at a temperature of 8°C.
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L’Amic / 2022

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L’Amic / 2021

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L’Amic / 2020

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L’Amic / 2019

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