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It all sorted itself out in the end…

Indeed, it all sorted itself out in the end. Our winery is finally almost ready and we have just rounded off our best harvest ever. As they say in Spain, everything sorts itself out...

8 wines are winners!

We are proud and hamble that ten of our wines that where qualifying for the La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2023 are winners. It means that these wines have scored equal to or more than 9.50 points, a benchmark for quality.

“La Guia de Vins de Catalunya” is one of the most important and prestigious wine guides in Catalonia, Spain and organizes every year a festival to bring together the professional sector (sommeliers, restaurateurs, press …) with the best wines of the edition. Only those wineries and wines that have scored equal to or more than 9.50 points can attend.

Our wines presented:
Selecció Delfi 2019, 9,82
El Tracte / 2018, 9,79           
La Figaflor / 2021, 9,71
L' Addició / 2019, 9,45
El Mirador / 2018, 9,63
El Camí  /2019, 9,35
L'Amic / 2021, 9,50
Ida & Peter/ 2021, 9,46
One Off #2 / 2019, 9,64
One Off #3 / 2020, 9,64
One Off #5 / 2021, 9,53

Selecció Delfí 2019

Bell Cros now available in Switzerland!

As convinced wine lovers, we had the chance to turn our passion into a profession and take over Fuster's WyBude in 2021. The company's history goes back over 20 years and we are excited to open a new chapter in the company's history. Our goal is to create enjoyable wine moments that will be remembered for a long time. Especially in the selection of smaller wineries, hidden gems can often be found. So we are delighted to have had the opportunity to start a partnership with Ann and Peter from Bell Cros. We are very much looking forward to the upcoming cooperation and are proud to distribute their wines in Switzerland says Stefan Scheuermann, owner of Fuster’s Wy-Bude.

New distributor of Bell Cros

Entrevins, a new distributor of Bell Cros in the area of Barcelona. Entrevins is a company with high integrity and personal service.

The brothers Xavier and Lluisma Barba live for their passion of wine and have a lot of talent and professional knowledge.

Better people to serve the Barcelona area are hard to find.