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New distributor of Bell Cros in Andorra

We are very happy to announce that WE AND is a new distributor of Bell Cros in Andorra, on the borderline between Spain and France.

WE AND, Wine Empowerment Andorra headed by Sole Laborde, is a family business that settled its base in Andorra 2019 for all Europe. WE AND represents and focus on high quality wines from family-owned bodegas mainly from Argentina, wines with their own story of its terroir and personality.

In Andorra WE AND mainly serve high-end restaurants. Sole points out that Bell Cros fits very well into the profile of bodegas they are offering restaurants in Andorra.

Peter Skoglund, the owner of Bell Cros, mention that this is another important step in developing the European distribution network.

New distributor of Bell Cros

Entrevins, a new distributor of Bell Cros in the area of Barcelona. Entrevins is a company with high integrity and personal service.

The brothers Xavier and Lluisma Barba live for their passion of wine and have a lot of talent and professional knowledge.

Better people to serve the Barcelona area are hard to find.