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/ Happiness in a bottle

Bell Cros is a new vineyard with old vines. We are building on traditions that date back thousands of years but with our sights set on the future. We are combining the joy and enthusiasm of a newly-discovered passion with the pride, the knowledge and the rich, deeply-rooted culture of winemaking. Bell Cros is a fun-filled, forward-looking project that will spread happiness with its wines from DO Montsant.

Bell Cros /

Bell Cros is the name of our vineyard. Bell Cros is the name of our wine. Bell is Catalan for beautiful, Cros is an old, local Catalan word for valley. Bell Cros is our beautiful valley in DO Montsant, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.


…that the earth, vines, grapes and weather in DO Montsant offer everything that’s needed to produce excellent wine.

/ Organic and vegan certified

Conversion to a larger, totally organic vineyard began immediately in our first year, Bell Cros acquired seven adjoining vineyards 2017. After several years of sustainable organic cultivation, the vineyard and the winery are officially EU-organic certified. From vintage 2023 onwards all Bell Cros wines will carry the EU-organic logo, the green leaf. The wines are Vegan certified as well.

Vines that have seen 40 / 70 years

Although Bell Cros is a new addition to the world of wine, its vines have been bearing fruit for years. Most of its vines were planted between 40 and 70 years ago. This brings character to the grapes and the wine. These older vines reflect the place in which they grow. There is always a special part of DO Montsant in every bottle of Bell Cros.

DO Montsant


…that the generations of knowledge possessed by the amazing people of this region can enhance the flavour experience.

The local Garncha / Carinyena grapes

The main focus for Bell Cros are the Garncha and Carinyena grapes. They are typical of DO Montsant and neighbouring DOC Priorat. These grapes will form the backbone of our wine production.


Swedish / Catalan enthusiasts behind Bell Cros

Bell Cros is a team effort by a real dream team. We are Ann and Peter Skoglund, Swedish entrepreneurs who have assembled a team of local enthusiasts headed up by the renowned winemaker Joan Asens. Our shared goal is to put DO Montsant more firmly on the map.

The people involved


…that when you do things that you enjoy, you spread happiness around you. Each bottle of Bell Cros comes with a smile.