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Best wishes from Sweden!

A new “normal” year 2021.

We’re hoping 2021 will be a Happy New Year. It could hardly be worse than 2020.

However, 2020 got off to a really good start. We began by launching Bell Cros in Spain and Sweden and the plentiful rainfall in Montsant early in the year raised hopes of a record harvest. But Covid happened instead. This meant we had to cancel all launch events and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, we lost about two-thirds of the crop due to grey mildew in our vineyard. The rest is history…..

We’re continuing to work with positivity and enthusiasm. This project is such fun. We’re all prepared and looking forward to welcoming visitors when conditions allow and it is safe to travel again. We miss meeting wine enthusiasts, showing them around our vineyard and talking about wine.

We have lots of exciting projects on the go. As well as expanding our standard range with some new wines this year, we’ll be releasing three new wines as part of our “ONE OFF” line. “ONE OFF” are wines that we produce just once in very limited quantities. The first wine this year, ONE OFF #2, is a natural wine made exclusively from Garnacha Blanca grapes in a limited edition of just 493 bottles. ONE OFF #3 and #4 are also natural wines, an orange wine (Brisat, as it is known locally) and a sparkling Ancestral wine (PetNat).

Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that life will return to “normal” again. 😊

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