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Miguel is doing one of his favourite jobs, uncorking the bottles.

Just a picture.

A newspaper needed just a picture to go with the article it had written about our new wine. Of course we could take a photo. We didn’t have that particular wine at home with us in Sweden. The travel restrictions made it impossible for us to get to Spain. It’s not easy for Swedes to travel at the moment, as most countries still have a ban in place on travellers from Sweden and a few other countries.

So it had to be solved remotely with the help of our Spanish friends. It began with an email from us asking for help to take a photo. Next we had a video meeting, more people got involved, new Zoom meetings, and so on. How did we manage without Zoom before? 😊 By this stage, there were so many people involved that the one photo was starting to get expensive. So we figured we might as well take photos of all the products. Great idea, things were starting to get serious now, which I like. We brought in a professional stylist to arrange the photos. More Zoom meetings followed. A moodboard was created for inspiration and to guide us through the photoshoot.

We decided that different backgrounds were needed to bring variation to the photos. So we contacted Brichs Restaurant in Falset, which has a setting that matches Bell Cros’ image very well. It also serves excellent food and is definitely worth visiting. The photos that were to be more funky and/or in a traditional setting were taken at Mas Ardèvol in Falset-Porrera, a rustic and colourful country house offering accommodation, perfect for wine tourism.

Finally, we also needed help with the lighting. You can see some of the results and background materials here. All the photos are in the gallery on our website. By the end, between 5 and 10 people had been involved in the project. We hope you like the photos. We were really just to take a picture. 😊

The moodboard for ONE OFF #1, pastel shades and a fresh feel to heighten the sense of innovation and modernity.
Our stylist Laura Folch steps in as waitress.
The first photo of ONE OFF #1.
Our photographer Rafael López-Monné in action.
And the result….
The moodboard for El Camí. A relaxed atmosphere, with purple, green and russet shades. A book, a glass and a comfortable armchair.
Hmmm, a good start, but something is missing……
A dog in the background is never wrong.
We couldn’t find a comfortable armchair, a book had to suffice.
And the second photo of El Camí.
The moodboard for La Figaflor, a crisp look with yellow, white and green colours.
A bit more light reflection was needed here.
Everything must be nice and clean, no stains!!!
La Figaflor, fresh!!
A bit more light reflection was needed here too.
Not Moses in the bulrushes, but big brother (magnum) and little brother El Camí.

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