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A blog about nothing.

This blog was supposed to be about nothing, if writing about nothing is possible. These are strange times that we’re experiencing and it feels like nothing is happening.

Until just a couple of months ago, we were working at full pace and forging ahead with launch meetings, new distributors, lots of new wines on the go and so on and so forth. And now? Well, business ended abruptly for the new distributors who never really had an opportunity to get sales of our wines off the ground. Behind the scenes, however, we’ve been hard at work to produce all our new wines. And it has been tough and taken a long time. Although we’ve been able to work inside our winery, it has not been easy to get labels, corks, bottles, wine boxes and other supplies because Spain has shut down more or less all businesses and industries. Being a new winery, we don’t have any stocks to fall back on. All we have are new products and must produce more new wines.

Thanks to the great efforts of everyone, our standard range now actually has five different wines ready to be released. Three are younger with a fruitier character, one red, one rosé and one white. And two wines with more structure, one red and one white, are best enjoyed with a meal.

We have also produced a wine called ONE OFF #1, Bell Cros’ first organic and vegan wine, made exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This range of wines has been given its own, slightly more playful identity. And playful is exactly what it is. Our process of developing as a wine producer involves trying with different wines and wine styles. The wines that we like and believe in will be released in limited quantities. They may be produced from grape varieties that we don’t normally use, alternative vinification techniques, grapes from new growing areas, and so on. We have decided to call this special portfolio of wines “ONE OFF”, as that’s what they are.

Despite the current situation, there are no restrictions out in the vineyards, where everything continues as usual. They are hives of activity. We’ve been lucky with the weather so far, plenty of rain and warm sunshine, which is very good for the grapes. If this continues, we might be reaping a bumper harvest this year. We currently have the capacity to produce just over 50,000 bottles of wine with the grapes that we grow. Because we are a new producer, we have only made wine from half the grapes in previous years. The rest of the grapes have been sold to other wineries. The present situation makes it difficult for most vineyards to sell their wines and they have a lot in stock. What’s more, if yields are particularly high this year, we will have problems selling our excess grapes. That’s why we’ll be making wine from all our grapes this year and will produce about 50,000 bottles of wine. In order to manage this expansion, we have ordered new steel vats from Italy and oak barrels from France. It will mean putting the bottles in storage, however, since we are a new producer with limited distribution options at present. Luckily, our wines improve with age.

This blog has turned out longer than I had intended, but then again, there has been quite a lot going on. 😊

L’Amic, our new rosé, freshly bottled and safely “behind bars”.
ONE OFF #1, Bell Cros’ first organic and vegan wine with a new, playful label.
The ONE OFF #1 cork also has a new unique look.
David is working hard to get our new wines ready. Refilling the bottling machine with corks.
New stakes for the vines that we planted last year. They’ve grown a lot and need better support.
The new stakes are in place and further ground is being prepared for new plants.
New vines waiting to be planted.
9. A monotonous job, sitting behind the tractor putting the new plants into the ground. It will be their new home for the next 100 years or so.
A new 1,000 litre Foudre vat for our very best wines is waiting to be installed in the winery.

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