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It will be underground, the winery to the right and the visitors’ area to the left.

New winery, planning permission applied for.

After thirteen or so months of work, we’ve now submitted a 500-page planning application to Marçá City Hall for permission to build a Bell Cros winery. Team Bell Cros and the team from Batlleiroig, the architectural practice in Barcelona, have spent thirteen intensive yet very enjoyable months on the task.

After taking the environment, surroundings, restrictions, finance and many other considerations into account, we now have the final design for our winery, which will be built completely below ground and also offer a fantastic view across our vineyards and the nearby village of Marçà. An underground location means the winery will have minimal impact on the surroundings and the environment and we can take advantage of the cool temperature naturally provided by the ground, which is needed for the vinification. Solar panels will produce some of the heating. Solid waste will be composted and waste water will be treated and recycled using a constructed wetland.

The dynamics in a project like this are fascinating. The architects want to achieve something architecturally striking, the person handling the finances tries to keep the costs down, the winemaker is looking for the optimal facilities to make the perfect wine, the logistics must be simple and efficient, the visitors must be given a memorable experience, the authorities have views and opinions, and so on and so forth. There have been numerous drawings and layout designs. The planning application is a compromise of all the various aspects. Let’s hope everyone will be pleased.

The application also includes renovation of an old storage building adjacent to the winery. We intend to turn it into a home for ourselves since it’s important to live close to the wine production facilities. We have already decided not to build the winery if we are not given permission to build this home for ourselves. If the application is turned down, we’ll consider placing the winery inside a centrally located industrial building with good logistics and practical premises.

This project will take another two or three years to complete. While waiting for the winery to materialise, we’ve temporarily renovated our “ruin” where we gather our visitors and drink wine together. You are all welcome to visit us and take a closer look at our wine project. Simply get in touch.

Three floors, all in all.
The winery optimised to make the “perfect” wine.
The visitors’ area with space for wine tasting, indoors and out.
The view from the visitors’ area is to be enjoyed with a glass of wine.
Hopefully our future home. The old storage building will be turned into a home for us.
The tumble-down outbuilding will also be repaired.
Heating/cooling surveys to ensure efficient energy utilization.
Everything has been thoroughly surveyed. Drilling here for geotechnical investigation.
The samples show there is very little rock to blast away.
There have been numerous discussions with the fantastic team from Batlleiroig, the architectural practice in Barcelona.

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