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Toni & Anastasia from Muxinach celebrating with Ann & Peter at Enovin, Ripollet (Barcelona). This former wine warehouse has been converted into a unique and fantastic restaurant.

It’s true, our wines are now on sale!

We’ve been asked so many times where Bell Cros wines can be bought and we’ve always replied “they can’t, you’ll have to wait….” but now they can!!!

Bell Cros is a Swedish/Catalan project which means we have two domestic markets. We’re now starting distribution of our wines in both countries at the same time. We are delighted to announce partnerships with two highly competent distributors; Rewine AB in Sweden, , and Muxinach,, in the province of Barcelona.

Muxinach has been one of the largest distributors of exclusive wines and spirits in Barcelona for 30 years. Muxinach is currently updating its selection, so what better than to partner up with a brand new vineyard, Bell Cros. In the third week of February, Bell Cros was visited by Muxinach’s sales team of ten who were given an in-depth background on the wines and a tour of the vineyard.

Rewine has been in the market for well over a decade. The company recently rebooted its operations and is now run by three dedicated co-owners with many years of experience from the industry. This fantastic and hungry team will bring Bell Cros to restaurants and Systembolaget, the Swedish wine distribution monopoly. Our new red wine “El Camí” will be the first wine to go on sale to the public at Systembolaget. It will be available from 16 March 2020 and its order number is 7096201.

Our vineyard is beginning to show signs of spring and preparations for our 2020 vintage are well under way. We’re busy pruning back the vines, composting as a part of our organic production, putting up new stakes for the Garnacha Blanca vines that we planted last year, planting 1.4 hectares of new Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Negra vines and lots of other jobs.

Everyone in the Muxinach team listens carefully as Joan presents the wines.
The most enjoyable part is sampling future wines straight from barrels and vats.
Team Muxinach!
Everyone was given some samples to take home and taste at leisure.

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