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Now for the real test. Time to start selling!

We’ve been working quietly for several months, but it’s time soon to start making some noise. When we were doing our research into what running a vineyard involved, everyone told us “we know how to grow grapes and make great wine, but we’re not very good at selling it”. With our background, we knew this was exactly what we could bring to the business. After just over two years, it’s now time to start selling the wine that we have produced with the help of so many fantastic people in Montsant. It’s time to show the world what we’ve got. Nervous? No, not at all…

We already have some 50,000 bottles in stock and this will increase with the new 2019 vintage, which will also tie up more capital. We know it costs money to produce a new wine and introduce it to the market. So we’re fully expecting to have to bankroll the venture for the first 5 to 7 years. The sooner we start selling, the shorter that period. We’re going to start looking for distributors in our home markets, Sweden and Catalonia. We’ll be organising some launch events in Catalonia for potential distributors and the wine press and media at the end of January 2020.

At present, we don’t have any distributor in Sweden, but there have been so many requests to know where to buy our wine that we felt we had to do something before we get organised. On the 4th of December, we held an early launch event in Sweden, at the Spanish wine bar Juan Font in Gothenburg. What a special evening it turned out to be. It was well attended by old and new friends who were keen to become acquainted with our wine. Words cannot describe how it felt to be launching our product after working so long and hard on this project. We were rewarded by the many happy faces and encouraging comments. It was an evening we’ll remember for ever. Our thanks go to everyone.

I’d also like to mention that after studying at Vinkällan wine school in Gothenburg for over a year, I can now proudly call myself a sommelier. Although it’s great to have all the studying behind me, I’m really going to miss going to school and meeting all my wine nerd friends. I never imagined I’d become a wine nerd, but I have. As well as gaining a wealth of knowledge about wine, I’ve discovered what a wonderful world of wine we live in. A world full of excellent wines with different flavour profiles. I have learned to appreciate Sherry, Spätburgunder from Germany, Txakoli from the Basque region in northern Spain and a host of other wines. Thank you to all my inspiring teachers and wine nerd friends for a fantastic time.

Photo shooting for new product sheets. Team Bell Cros acted as photo models. Not because it was the cheapest, simply because they were the best looking. 🙂
Ann practicing as a waitress.
A proud newly graduated sommelier.
A bunch of new, happy sommeliers and wine nerd friends gathered.

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