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The label for our “El Tracte” bottles, and the back label telling the story of the wine.

“El Tracte” – The handshake.

“BELL CROS” is the label name for all the wines we produce. It means “BEAUTIFUL VALLEY” in Catalan. Each wine will have a name of its own to distinguish between the different wines. The first wine to be given a name, about 4,000 bottles of 100% Carinyena, and about shortly to be bottled. We are calling it “El Tracte”. That means “handshake” in Catalan and it was a natural choice for the name of this wine. Quite simply because it was agreed with a handshake, beside the signing of the official contract, that 4,000 kilos of grapes would be included in the purchase of the land from Joan and Maria. A proper Catalan handshake is a common way to seal an agreement in rural areas. Something that means more than a signature on a piece of paper.

Over the past few months, sketches of labels, corks, capsules and boxes have transformed into finished and precise designs. Everything has been ordered and now we are simply waiting for the Regulatory Council of DO Montsant (Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Montsant) to approve the wine. The Regulatory Council is the body that guarantees the quality of the wine and conducts the sensory evaluation to determine whether it is typical for the region of Montsant.

Sketches of capsules, corks and boxes have been transformed into precise designs.

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