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We got a “house” into the bargain.

Why make things easy for yourself?

You could buy a vineyard as a going concern and simply enjoy it and the wines. You could also start from scratch, building up a vineyard step by step over the years until it is time to introduce and enjoy your own wine. We’ve chosen to take the slightly tougher, bumpier route. Why make things easy for yourself? For the simple reason that we think it’s more fun. We enjoy the process of creating something new, nurturing it along, watching it grow and develop into something concrete. Hopefully a place where we can be together with friends and just take pleasure in our own wine.

This is the sixth time in twelve months that we’ve acquired a piece of land. It is adjoining our land and comprises 2.6 hectares of Juan Salvador Vernet Peña, 1 hectare of Garnatxa vines, and olive trees on the rest. Our vineyard is now 24 hectares in size, 14 of which are planted with grapevines.

On the land we’ve acquired stands an old, run-down, two-storey house. We’ve no idea what we’re going to do with it, but our minds are already whirling with new ideas. Anyone have any good suggestions?

As commonly seen hereabouts, there are large trees close to the building providing shade from the sun.
This used to be a pleasant living room with an open fireplace.
Open to the skies too, for good ventilation.
Just to pop the tiles back on the roof, and the place is ready to move into. 🙂
Could do with a new door.
The sun doesn’t always shine. Ann wearing improvised boots.

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