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The grapes are all hand-picked.

Happy and content…

After two weeks or more of intensive grape-picking, we’ve now finished harvesting. The yield was slightly lower than we had hoped because it has been such a dry year. On the other hand, the vines have produced more aromatic, superb quality grapes and will give the wine an excellent color.

The wines in some of the steel tanks have finished fermenting while others are still vigorously bubbling away. I simply love the sound, it’s like a fresh sea breeze. There are several more months of work to go in the winery, including the malolactic fermentation process. We’ll be making 4 to 6 different kinds of wine out of the 24,000 kg or so of grapes that we picked, totalling about 20,000 bottles…in our first year.

Our first proper harvest was an extremely enjoyable experience that taught us a great deal. The vineyard lies in a valley so the slopes face all directions. This means that the grapes don’t all ripen at the same time. The Cariñena and Garnatxa grapes ripen at different times too. This makes the timing of the picking quite complicated. Joan, our winemaker, planned the work in detail and split the 12.5 hectares of the vineyard up into 17 zones and then sub-divided these zones. Baltasar and his team were up at the crack of dawn, when it is still cool, to get on with the physical work. Inside the winery, Xavi dealt with the harvested grapes, getting them into the stainless steel tanks to start fermenting.

A huge thank you to all of you (Joan, Baltasar, Xavi …) none of this would have been possible without you. You’re simply the best!!!

 Another bunch to pick.
 It’s this much fun.
 A well-earned lunch.
 One of the last buckets.
 And one of the last crates to fill.
 Baltasar, always as happy.
 A crate of 50-year-old Cariñena..
 Finished for this year.

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