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Miguel goes through the day’s programme with the students.

“Bell Cros” an outdoor classroom….

Miguel Figini from “L’Espai del Vi Català”,, showed a group of eager students how wine is made, from the grape to the finished product. “L’Espai del Vi Català” is a regional school in Catalonia that provides education and training for future oenologists, winemakers and the next generation of growers taking over their parents’ vineyards. The school focuses on the practical aspects of wine production, with theory lessons interspersed with hands-on exercises and visits to vineyards.

As a way of supporting and giving back to the region that has given us so much, we opened our vineyard for the day to a class from the school so that the students could pick Cariñena and Garntaxta grapes. At the end of the day, the grapes were crushed in the old-fashioned way by stomping them, “La pisada de uva”.

Even I got an opportunity to tell them about our “Bell Cros” project.
Is it the right time to pick the grapes? The sugar content is measured using the refractometer to determine how ripe the grapes are.
You need to start at an early age.
The car is loaded with just over 100 kg of Cariñena grapes.
The grapes are plucked from the stems by hand.
The grapes are crushed. Let’s hope they washed their feet.
One final check with the hydrometer to measure the amount of sugar in the must, i.e. the expected alcohol content.
What better way to celebrate a good day’s work than with a glass of Cava!

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