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An inspiring setting for the first meeting to brainstorm brand and logo ideas with Anna.

“BELL CROS” is born…

Five extremely enjoyable and intense months have now come to an end. They began when we contacted Anna Serra Cases,, to ask for help in creating an identity and a brand. We gave Anna and her team three attributes that characterise (will characterise, the wine isn’t ready yet) the wine:

  • Elegant
  • Contemporary
  • Fresh

Moreover, the brand must be easy to remember, possible to pronounce in multiple languages (especially English, Catalan, Spanish and Swedish), have a local connection, be possible to register as a trademark, there has to be a address available, etc….

Anna presented us with a list of 100 different names. There is an incredible number of brand names registered for beverages. After much deliberation and double-checking existing registrations and other things, we chose “BELL CROS”. “BELL” means “beautiful” in Catalan. “CROS” is an old, local Catalan word for “valley”.  “BELL CROS” can be translated as “BEAUTIFUL VALLEY”.

With that decided, it was then time to find a design/logo that graphically conveys the essence of the three attributes. The inspiration comes from a glorious day in autumn when the vines are starting to slumber after the harvest and their leaves gleam like bronze. The simple slash “/” is a stylisation of a row of vines seen as a line.

We are very pleased with the final result and hope that everyone will like it, because we’ll be living with it for a long time to come.

Lots of excellent suggestions to choose from!
The final choice was “Bell Cros” with the logo “/”.

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