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Two happy people, relieved that we have finally agreed on which bottle to use.

Bottoms up…

Next we had to decide what type of bottle to use. In practical terms, the bottle is the packaging for the wine. But it is also part of the feeling that communicates the brand.

In the D.O. Montsant, the appellation advocates using a Burgundy-type bottle. There are probably between 50 and 100 different versions of Burgundy bottles to choose from. Although they are all rather similar in appearance, they differ quite a lot when you hold them. A heavier bottle is generally considered to be more exclusive, but it is more expensive and has a bigger environmental impact than a lightweight bottle. A dark bottle protects the wine from exposure to UV light, but it is harder to see what type of wine is inside the bottle. The bottle is also regarded in different ways because of varying colours and shades, like brown oak-leaf tinted or green. And so on and so on… but we’ve now chosen a bottle for our wine!

Work on the name and logo is progressing in parallel but is not yet complete.

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