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The vines on our new piece of land are a sleep, readying themselves for next spring.

Land, land, land…

At last we’ve acquired Garnatxa (Grenache) grape vines. Garnatxa and Cariñena are the two original grapes and are typical for D.O. Montsant. Today, we acquired another 6 hectares of land from a neighbouring couple Delfi Sabate Amoros and Jovita Pellise Pedrol. It comprises 2.5 hectares of Garnatxa, 0.5 hectares of Cariñena, just over 1 hectare of Ull de LLebre (Tempranillo) and 2 hectares of olive trees.

The total size of our vineyard is now about 20 hectares of connected land, made up of 12.5 hectares of vines which yield about 60 tons of grapes to produce some 50,000 bottles a year. Areas of land this size are unusual because the land in the district has been divided through inheritance into small farmsteads. All the grapes are red and the vines are between 50 and 70 years old. This guarantees top-quality, full-flavoured wines. Being able to combine the Garnatxa and Cariñena grapes also presents opportunities for an expanded and more varied line of products.

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